• Chikusen


    One and only presence of stylish Yukata and traditional Edo Komon

  • Nihonbashi-saruya


    “Style” and “Utility” passed down from Edo
    Japan's only toothpick specialty store

  • Ubukeya

    Production and wholesale of cutlery (HAMONO)

    Has a reputation for “tools that can shave (knives and razors), cut (scissors and shears) and pull (tweezers) even an ubuke (soft, fine baby hair).”
    A Hamono shop run by a artisan craftsman for generations

  • Kyoushindo Inazaki


    Protecting the technology of Hyogu
    Edo's "Daikyoushi*1"

  • Oonoya sohonten

    Tabi Shoes, Japanese Art & Crafts Accessories

    “Shin-Tomikata” Tabi Shoes
    beautifully adorning the feet of kimono wear.

  • Hamacho Takatora

    Hanten Coats, Tenugui cotton towels, Bags

    A modern day of dye technique with the style of Edo

  • Uchida Hyogu ten


    Coexist of Elegance and Stylish
    The Edo Hyogu Store in town

  • Shirokiya denbei

    Edo Broom

    "Beauty of use" born in Edo
    Edo brooms that make you want to try using them once

  • Ryukobo

    Edo kumihimo(Braided cords)

    Threads connects fate of people
    Traditional Edo kumihimo workshop

  • Edoya


    Edo brushes that have been made for 300 years
    A gem of the Edo Shogun purveyor

  • Ibasen

    Uchiwa, Sensu(folding fan)

    Feeling the summer
    A long-established store of Uchiwa and Sensu