Functional and Beautiful, Traditional “Edo Broom”

Shirokiya Denbei Shoten, has been in business for 190 years, since its establishment in 1830. Which manufactures and sells tools for cleaning and its main product are Edo brooms. We spoke with the representative, Satoru Nakamura. “The name "Edo Broom'' is our registered trademark. We can only call brooms made by our craftsmen using good quality grass of a specified grade or higher, and using the same method as when the shop was founded, an 'Edo broom’.”

The material of the brooms are ‘Houki morokoshi’, a member of the grass family. Currently, we have exclusively made for Shirokiya in Indonesia, Thailand, and Higashine City in Yamagata.
The brooms are made by selecting only the soft and resilient grass that meets our rank standards which is soft and easy to scrape, does not require much sweeping strength, and the weight of the center is large because the knitting is large making the broom itself lighter toward the center. This makes the broom very easy to use.

Japanese houses have a lot of steps and ditches and it is difficult to sweep them up even with a vacuum cleaner. “In such cases, it is best to use a broom. The Edo broom is very easy to dust, so it is easy to use for the corners of stairs. In fact, you can also scrub the dust inside carpets and rugs very well. It can be used not only on tatami and between the wooden floors, but also for all places in the house.”

The Edo broom has remained the same since the Edo period, and even today, it has outstanding functionality. “ Nowadays the Edo broom can be purchased online, but it is best to visit the store and feel the weight and sweeping comfortability, and choose one that fits for you.” Why don't you come to the store to experience it and find the one that suits you best?