Sensu as a fashion item that can be used for both Standard and Trendy

“Ibasen" is a long established company that has been making Uchiwa and Sensu(folding fans) for over 400 years. As with clothing, the company incorporates fashion trends into its designs every year. “We are conscious of color trends. If the trend for the next season is blue, I’ll try to make uchiwa and fans in blue.”

You will often see gourd patterns, dragonfly patterns, and other patterns that are considered to be good luck on uchiwa and Sensu. “The dragonfly is an insect that only moves forward, and it is said to bring good luck as it hatches and moves up in the world. The dragonfly is also known as the "winning insect," and is often seen on the helmets of military commanders. There is also a pattern with nine horses on it, which is called "馬九行く (It will go well). In Edo, there is a deep-rooted custom of caring about good luck, so there are many people who carry such patterns for good luck.”

This is one of our most popular products, with the six gourds representing "無病(六瓢)息災(six gourds for good health). “We change the paper and cloth every year to release new works, but I will not stop making standard patterns. This year, we released a new indigo-dyed product, and the Uchiwa and Sensu were very popular. They can be used by both men and women, and since navy blue is the color of most Japanese yukata, they go well with it.”

Yoshida-san, a professional fan user, gave me some advice on how to use the fan: "Unlike a Uchiwa fan, I want you to use the fan gently. When you Sensu yourself, don't flap it around too much. Instead, hold the fan parallel to your body and blow lightly from the bottom to the top to prevent the smell from spreading outside. I think this is etiquette. The movement will seem elegant.” Just by holding a fan, you can create a sense of elegance. How about giving it a try?