Maintaining quality is the key. Continuing to produce with care and without cutting corners.

There are five craftsmen involved in the production of Tabi Shoes at ‘Oonoya sohonten’. The production process is divided into several stages, pattern making, cutting, sewing, and finishing. “In our case, each process is divided among several craftsmen, but the same person is in charge of the same process so that we can always provide the same quality to our customers. If the hand changes, the sewing method may change.” The division of roles is done with the customer's comfort in mind.  

“It makes me happy when customers tell me they are happy with the products. I would like to continue to make high quality products without cutting corners so that customers who come to us for good products will be satisfied.” In order to maintain quality, careful work and careful inspection are essential. “We divide the work into processes, so the next process person can check the work of the person before. We make the products in a flowing process, and the checking is done like a relay.”

He takes pride in making Tabi Shoes as a craft, without cutting corners on each and every item. "I want people to know that we make these kinds of products in Japan. Nowadays, many things are mass-produced in countries with low labor costs, and I think the culture of carefully making traditional things is disappearing. I hope that through Tabi Shoes, people will learn about the quality of such things and find value in them.” Tabi Shoes are carefully made by hand by craftsmen. I hope you will give them a try.