Old-styled Kakejiku has a flexibility to adapt to modern lifestyles

As Japanese houses are changing to Western style, the use of Hyogu has been less common in recent years. There is no more tokonoma (alcove room), and places where we can hang large Kakejikus. For those reasons changes are needed for the way we make things. “In recent years, Kakejiku are being made shorter so that they can be hung in Western rooms or on shelves.” By adapting to the modern style, he is bringing traditional crafts to the customers.

Kakejiku are chosen by its design which matches the season to decorate the room.”When putting them away, you must dust them off on a sunny and dry day. It's not good to leave them in the closet, you should take them out every three months or so and hang them up.”
One of the pleasures of Kakejiku is that you can be aware of the changing of the seasons.

There is a showcase window with Kakejiku at the front of the store, which was built about 20 years ago. “My friend once told me, ‘I don't know what kind of business Uchida's house is in,' so I renovated the shop, and made a showcase window, and displayed the works of Hyogu so that people would recognize the store.”

“There are customers who pass by our store and purchase seeing the work from the showcase, and realize that we need to display that people would know about our work and in that sense, we cannot display anything too eccentric.” In addition to the works on display, Uchida-san has several art works in his possession, which can be viewed and purchased in the store. The opportunity to come into contact with rare works of art is surprisingly close at hand. why not stop by the store and see the Kakejiku exhibits displayed.