Be sincere to all. Continue to respond with careful manufacturing.

"Edoya" manufactures and sells over 3,000 types of brushes. These Brushes play a variety of roles, such as applying paints and lacquer, cleaning and washing, and even preparing oneself for makeup and brushing teeth. "Since it is a tool, the most important thing is the comfort for the user and the quality of the finished product with the brush. And of course, if there is any request, I would like to make new products that have never been made before." As long as there are people who need it, the hands never stop.

We have always been developing new products in response to customer requests. "Decades ago, when there used to be a hotel in front of our store, a Chinese man stayed there for a long time, and asked me to make brushes for making car engines, and I made many samples. The next year he came again and asked me to make a different brush. So I asked him, we don't get orders for the product I made last year? Then he replies, the Edoya brushes are used as a model in his home country. Nowadays, brushes made in China are imported to Japan as well, so I think I was able to help the development of the industry.(laugh)

Rooted in the community for 300 years. What is the secret to its longevity? "It is to provide good products with sincerity, that’s all. If we make good products, the customers are happy, and when they sell, the artisans are happy as well. I think it's important for business to make people happy and continue to do so. Our company motto is to be creative and to serve with sincerity. We are sincere to all people and lead them to a better future.